Vaulting Ambition

He got into a quagmire; thought host in himself!

Fought tooth and nail; headway was half done

Hoist on his own petard, the modern MaoTseTung

Hindsight taught him, given his meteoric rise

Gripped all powers in his own hands, centralized

He had to sink back like the States’ Head, jaded!

The irreversible tide had been on the wane now

He dreamt of an all-conquering mission

His vaulting ambition was imperiled, centrally

He hurt the global cause of anxiety; unthought of

This hadn’t boded well, considered today’s hullabaloo

Maximum delivery out of minimum resources! expected!

His heart danced with that kind of art of architecture

The peoples produced, unhurting indigenous culture

It had been never too late to finish off the dream

What he started early in life egged him on doing

The decadal efforts could see the light he desired

In translating the peoples’ hopes and aspirations.

©Basudev Paul


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