Basudev Paul
1 min readNov 24, 2020


The Tilling Toil of Farmers

Some hilly place bathe in a misty rain
Tops of hills were covered with thick fogs
Shaal, shegoon trees abound in, densely
Rich nutrition had made them serene

More so, the rain was receding from the regions
Autumnal crops were swollen with a cornucopia
The different plot of tilled lands looked plain
Some brats were happily gambolling on land

They were found catching small fish joyfully
With brolly, some older persons wading
Through the ‘paakdondi’ of cultivated lands
Stunned to its vastness, the labourers paid!

Innumerable visits made them tillable
Nature’s fury could mar their smile
Not free from stew, they spent time
Day and night; half awake, half-sleep!

Chestful of hope, their untiring sweats
Successful it would be when they would see
Harvesting on their own yard, goldful
A minimum dream has been their soul

©Basudev Paul