The Paro* Riverscape

Born of mysterious genesis, the toponyms:

Mo Chhu and Pho Chhu, two riverine relations:

Mother and Father tryst together on a flung area

Two colours of it made them distinctive

On Punakha valley, the splendour in reality

They died a death and interred on a dry rill

The stinking deceased smooched, lone

Their reigning beauty echoed silent!

On the bed dripped waters, saline

Adam and Eve, in mortal fame, buried

Incarnated as humans; sanctified as pilgrims

Hugged each other, unarmed on earth

Blissful presence drew hikers on climes

Bhutan and Tibet, two sorrows closed

On Pungtang Dechen Photrang Dzong

The palace of hallowed happiness

The rill inundated in aweary tears!

Small pieces of tattered clothes

Tied to the mast to be a harbinger

Of happiness, peace, and prosperity

They flutter in the winds, praying lips

Mutter the message of peace around

Meditative silence prevailed everywhere

A short-range of the Himalayas enchants

Visible, weather permitting, in the dispersal

Piles of fogs enwrapped and enraptured all

Onlookers gazed at the vastness with awe!

Wonder view if visible on exposer,

The subjects on land regaled in the riches


About This Poem

The visit to Paro Bhutan inspired the poet to shed on it. Mo Chhu and Pho Chhu are names of a river. Its genesis has been inscrutable like a human’s pleasure dome. Punakha in Bhutan possessed this river; the colour of both the rivers is different. Literally, it is nestled on the lap of Nature. Irresistible to travel hunger.

  • Paro is in Bhutan

©Basudev Paul




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Basudev Paul

Basudev Paul

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