The Good Earth

The good earth was about to destroy

By humans, by frailties in-born!

Illiteracy whetted up hungry hands

Felled trees for livelihood, fell wrath

You and I cried in dark, grieved in soundless

Agony! We parted, not pared down the siblings

Nature cannot revolt, it cannot show red eyes

Witnessed its own decadence, bled in gore!

A tree is a descendant of mankind

To infuse nutrition is a sacred duty

The air we inhale, the air we exhale

Meant to be the boon of the good earth

All branches have been the offspring,

Nature reared so tenderly, warmed

Its contrary could premonition endanger

If vitiated life becomes unbearable!

We must nurture earth for our wellness

We must leave a legacy to the posterity!

©Basudev Paul



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