Sometime on B 14

We’re running on time, scheduled
Demure to halt to a platform, undeclared
Normalcy broke when the actual D day came
We woke up lazily; physical comfort wanted

A little moment to suck the warmth of bed
Beneath everything an undertone of anxiety
Marred the gleefulness, to say the truth;
My wards accompanied us to the station

A crowd of many people made it abuzz
Someone saw busy checking PNR
Though it was a confirmed ticket
A woman in utter helpless showed the

Ticket on Waiting List; evening time train!
Came early in the morning with her ailing hubby
Coolie guided the exasperated passengers
No one got satisfaction; ran helter-skelter

Got into our desired compartment B 14
22888 ‘The Humsafar Train’ to Howrah from Yashvantpur
Cool we four we’re busy; whiled away to regale
Over breakfast, we shared among us

Excess of overfed joy crept a tinge of sadness
Left after a few days wonder, shopping spree,
Restaurant tasted to the lees; full of
Gaiety kept us cheer-puffed, short-lived!

Some time in a compartment had the moment
Very exhilarating with smiles filled with gold vibes
From the glass rimmed window, a tree
Flashed in our visual glade with deep red

Flowers and leaves darker; barks brown
By now on Google declared twenty-three
Minutes late, even before the start off
Flagged off the platform number Four

An empty space gulped the crowdy rows
We high-fived with our children to say
Good day with all the thoroughness of feel
Mind bemused and benumbed in rues!
Ruth like resolution broke the breathing sun!

©Basudev Paul


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