Saccharum Spontaneum

Come September and the puja occasion begins

And the Saccharum spontaneum issues symbol

In mind, in Nature, in leaves, in blood, in body

Ushers in the advent of the bigger festival

Transreligious festivity; all take part at ease

The somber drudgery at household weighs high

For the yearlong wait with the deeper expectation

In between seasonal cycles rotate diurnally

Summer dusts our lives with muds in a tiring

Rain cleans the stains the summer afflicts

Embalmed we heavily; our beginning starts

Seems palpable on every corner of nature

Gutters its wick of gaiety people wait for

The professionals with bated breath crave for

With it, many feeds on earnings centres on

All rung of people, all strata, wake up, anew

New feel they wear; with it, new robes –

Heavy atmosphere gives in festive mien

Autumn wafts off the odour of Comus

On grass, dews gather dry all founts

Sweat absorbing season crawls in,

Mind blows with an air of exhilaration

Big festival! Durga Pooja! Huge joy!

Ah! Where does the smell new dress exude?

Would fool around tailor’s shop as a rule

We would keep watching, from afar –

The gurgling sound of water in a village mud canal

Felt hypnotic; mind would dance as water reels off

Rain tails off; fall slowly descends on earth

Mud smell would inebriate our excited minds

Vicenarian to nonagenarian!

Would fix their sitting place; glued to puja altar

Tempts all without distinction!

Many a heart rejoices at its presence

Deplore the absence and get outraged!

Pastures remain bleached for a three days’ wonder

Green grows, silent with clear hills beckon, afar

Sacred pleasure fills all hearts, bind together!

Soothes eyes on gaze at brooks,

The hugged people stand in awe and wonder

No ages barred; each other’s warmth dissolves

Differences of hues inflicted on mankind

From time immemorial!

©Basudev Paul



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