Leela Beach

Wandering on the beach,
He learn’d to augur from the clouds of heaven,
And from the changing colours of the sea,
And sullen murmurs of the hollow cliffs,
Or the dark porpoises, that near the shore
Gambol’d and sported on the level brine

Charlotte Turner Smith

Beaching under moonlit night was yet to look at

There was no beach, and I shedded tears for it

The giant shore of Leela beach got me bewitched

Its vastness failed to hear the ping, pining

Its pallid grey mien made alien to masses

The clouds like knotty thread roared in anger

A flight of seagulls in a procession met

The anglers netted the part of the sea

Their cautious drawing nets saw the cluster of sea birds

This bore the bidding of oceanic creatures aplenty

Stood face to face on the beach, taken aback!

The waves were unruly in nature, untamed by air

Tanned vision for the snow-white foreigners

Tolerable climes endeared the other, overseas

Ever spring balmy evening got us dozing

Its intoxication sieved through the zephyr, wild

Crews’ voice echoed the valley to a shrill outburst

Foams drifted apart, told of distant yearning, neighed!

Footprints on the beach rose to find its haze

Before the mighty main all hopes crumbled to gain

©Basudev Paul


About This Poem

They say Leela Beach is one of the wonders in Goa, India. This has been the longest by far. As an NCC officer, I had been there to attend the All India Trek, naming “Ocean to Sky” in December 1999.

The setting sun on the Arabian sea is spectacular. Its maintenance of hygiene and sanitation was worth mentioning. The accessibility to this location was perilous, indeed. In between, there was an estuary, and then one gets this sprawling beach. Seagulls and other birds have been the beauty of this deep sea.