How Does Book Affect


Book is animated; intellect rouses neurons

Book in black letters emboldens our souls

Book discovery disperses the monotony

Book inflames inspiration and exploration

Book infuses the spirit of patience in us

Book has leadership for the misguided

The book helps peel off parochialism, dumbness

Book bombards the threads of prejudice


Book mars the myopic vision, expands

Book humanizes mankind, unstinted

Book has been the indicators of life

Book dissatisfies the greed free of cost

Book nurtures the need for people

Book spreads the sprout of awareness

Book incites the sense of internationalism

Book lessens the influence of anxiety


Book gives off emotion, rationale and romanticism

Book teaches to give poetic justice

Book de-limits intellectuality

Book enhances the path of diversity

Book expedites reading appetite

Book exhumes hidden talents

Book tries to uplift poverty, bankruptcy

Book works for acquiring omniscience


Book is looked upon as Hippocrene

Book denigrates the mean, unequivocally

Book augments the mental mapping

Book teaches the doctrine of love

Book airs the tenets of universality

The book advises silently not to slaughter Nature

Book sings the song of life, an eternal songster

Book makes good the failure of communication


Book treads on the untrodden

Book ushers in a new lease of life

Book brooks no compromise

Book despises the foolhardy

Book eggs us on nationalism

Book tries to bridge the hiatus

Book gives us the mantra of motherhood

Book doesn’t store the ‘Lethe’ water


Book teaches no shorter route to learning

Book encourages the curious

The book is not colour-blind!

Book joins the metre, narrow, and broad gauge

Book waits for none, written in black and white

Book incentivizes the invention

Book is the last straw to all of us

Book is an enemy-free land; open to all


Book is a grazing pasture for learners

Book tantalizes perfectionism

Book is a fire of knowledge

Book is ignited impulses

Book flints the embers of prodigy

Book lays bare the asset of human resources

Book is the religion of all humankind

Book, sans the literacy, is a national shame!

©Basudev Paul


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