Basudev Paul
Jun 20, 2023


Enchanting greens are the existence
Human civilization pants for the turf
The awareness is fomenting Nature!
The pre-historic times necessitated
The plants exude energy from the sun.

Planters tilled tea cultivation for rain
Trees are a perennial source of ecology
Spick and span’s the mantra in wonder!
Its devouring spree could bring tragedy.
Youthful vibration is a parable in beauty.

Nature’s heritage colours the globe in tea
As if they stood before us to hang out
Its image fashions us to reshape the crest
Recapitulation shades all our grief into joy.
The earthlings in travails are the prototype.

The muses in hood and veil animate reverie
Full of moisture the leaves frill the eaves in
The boughs bower the plant kingdom rich.
The faggot illusively becomes the fodder
The workers beget a fresh lease of life here!