A Rain Splattered Window

Our outing was not pre-planned, nor did we map out

We grew run down with a toiling schedule

Modern amenities we have been blest with

All of a sudden, left our home, uncertain location

Some of our pals hit out a plan to spot a sylvan,

Arboreal locality, far from the maddening crowd

Opened the garage, moved out with the sleek Jazz

Untwined our love-trekking route to a place, unknown

Deep monsoon overhead, we set off for pleasure

The dark cloud on the North-western sky brew in

The dread of nature, we just showed our prudence

Foolhardy goes could precipitate bad omen!

Longing for the distant has been perennial

Down the times; still, hazards waft an aura,

Romantic to the eyes towards something

Mystique in nature –

The recreational change turned into a mishap of rain

Bucketing down; visibility blurs through

A rain-splattered window!

Inside the cab, a fuggy heat frosted the cab glass

Deep in the forest; deeper the silence, we scared

That gave us the wondrous joy of such an adventure

Huddled together to share the anxiety of ecstasy

Steering the vehicle meant inviting the danger

The entire place wore a cloudy bark of haze

The defrosting device got overheated; we thought

Feeling stranded was risky; the road was in the water

We were just carried away by nature’s fury!

Awe and consternation, we had to drop out

Wind hurtled down to the plane, gazed with

Startle, the edge of the cloudlets flitted fast

We started retreating toward home, unmet!