Basudev Paul
1 min readMay 1, 2022


A Cloudy Crush

It was very abnormal to be unhappy
The clouds were unable to be natural
Well fenced the penetration of sunray
And so, the atmosphere looked sullen
We were also losing freshness, unsightly
Wrapped in a light blanket under AC on the train

Thick relation between man and nature!
Khurda Road well soaked with happiness
Dank weather made the whole sulky
Eleven thirty-eight, the train halted
We were cooped up in a compartment
The morning began to unfurl its idleness

The overhead sky was invisible
A white layer covered the sky
All nature descended on furious earth
Sipping tea or slurping coffee only a pastime
People on the platform were anxious waiters
Refurbished after illness, methought

Toned up to seeing their trains on time
No respite coz nothing was static
Dynamism is the buzzword
The movement was fertility personified
Every moment was paving way for new
Nothing was changing, we were just hemming in

Side grasses were swiftly going behind
We were forward-looking, clouds hovered
The northern wind raised waves on a canal
A dancing rush of water guttered down
As if releasing the burden of the unwanted
The dross was draining to low land

Upland cheers were flowing nonstop
Sharing the shaft of airs lighter than us
Weeds appeared attractive to jaded eyes
In the backdrop, rows of buildings
Diffusing sheen towards paddy fields
The whole heart covered the sordid underbelly
The grey atmosphere began to assure care