A Breezy Feel

July in the Indian sub-Continent is damp

The varied climate makes mind deer dear

Fungal on unused looks like feathery ice

Marshy substance sticks to all articles

Touristing in train gives off a breezy feel

It meanders through trodden tracks

Pierces through a few states: entwined

Coconut grove stands dancing in the wind

‘Zhou’ trees in good numbers add bushy

As if they exuded iffy demeanor to us

Sunrays entrap the earth: above it, cloudlets

In pieces fly overhead like jumpy frogs

Greens fields soothe our eyes: nature cool

Why can’t we with serenity make warm?

Our cherished looks calm all ailing hearts

Why can’t our flighty walk treat like Nature?

Why can’t our human cool make all smiley?

Why can’t we be unstinted like mother earth?

Why can’t we braid our follies in unison?


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